Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 2017

Welcome to 2017!!!!      SHOVELHEAD will be kicking off the year at The Springfield Motorcycle Show at The Big E on Jan 21 and 22...,  event starts at 10 am both days ( Sat & Sun)         before ya know it this pesky winter will be over and  when tee shirt weather hits...., Shovelhead will emerge from its wintrery hibernation and  start cranking up the tunes....   working on rewiring the old 78 shovelhead and some front end work on the ultra...   perfect time to get  that done..,        we have  shows  posted on our calendar, and will posting more as they come rolling in... looking forward to ridin'  and jammin'.....,      

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


 Still got plenty of great riding weather ahead of us!!!  Fall in New England is one of the best times to ride.  we got a slew of shows coming up this fall... Crabby Joes  outside party on the deck coming up on Sept 11th.. always a good time sitting by the lake... we will also be remembering all those who perished  in the 9-11 attacks  on the 15th anniversary.   15 years !!

 Catskill mountain Thunder is right around the corner...  we will be heading up Thursday Sept 15th  SHOVELHEAD will be rocking out in the nightclub Thurs Fri and Sat..    this year the headliner is the legendary Blue Oyster Cult...  Awesome band!!   to this day, the best concert I have ever seen. ( back when I was stationed in Germany  in the late 70's)

 If you've never been to CMT ya really need to check it out!!!  non stop entertainment and fun!!! if ya have been there, ya know what I'm talkin' about.   Also on the bill this year is KASHMIR   a kick ass Zepplin band!  there will be several other bands performing all weekend too!

   We  will be  at the Big E in west Spfld  on Connecticut day!  then we have a gig at Gengras HD and The Shamrock café to finish off the month!!  details on our show schedule page...,

and, scope out our schedule for October as well..., we got some cool venues coming up there!!

                                                                                               ride safe, enjoy life!
                                                                                                                            Dave, Mark, Jim and AJ


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

JULY 2016

 The nice hot steamy weather is upon us and I am lovin' it!!!!   we have a  long awaited Crabby Joes Gig coming up Sunday July 24th at 3 p.m.  great place to go on a nice hot summer day, kick back on the deck overlooking lake congamond,   grab a bite to eat  and some ice cold drinks and listen to some jammin' music with SHOVELHEAD....   we always get a great crowd out at Crabby Joes..., 
we have a repeat performance scheduled for  Aug 14th also.... make it out for some summer fun....

Aug 4th SHOVELHEAD will be doing Destination Bike Night at VFW Post 80 on Enfield Street in Enfield CT.   the adventure starts at 6 pm.    hey, weren't we just jamming down Enfield street in The Town of Enfield Independence Day parade?   oh yea... that was a blast...   the 18th of Aug brings us back to the Waterfront Café in Holyoke for their bike night  event series!!

And don't forget Catskill Mountain Thunder in September  with SHOVELHEAD,  KASHMIR AND BLUE OYSTER CULT   as well as a slew of other bands, events,  fireworks...,  a premier Motorcycle event.    

and we are working on doing another parade jam at the BIG E   stay tuned for details...

we still got plenty of Summer left, check our calendar schedule for all out gigs up till October, where we will top it off  with a show at Tommy's Tattoo Convention in Hartford CT.
                                                                                                          ride safe...,
                                                                                                                      Dave, Mark Jim & AJ

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summertime Shoveltime...

 June has been a fun month!!   we had a blast up at Bentleys Saloon for a 2 day adventure!!!!   June 17th and 18th!! Saturday  was crazy  thousands of bikes as we jammed out on the outside stage...  Our good friend Ron Jones was jammin' acoustic music inside the bar...    had a great ride up on my softail deluxe along with Frenchy,  and friends...  came up RT 202     very scenic...

The next weekend we  were at the Annual Catskill Mountain Spring Rally..,   always a blast up there...our home away from home...    Roy led the ride on Saturday with LV (on his  custom house of Boost turbo charged monster bike)    prob a hundred bikes in the pack...  we  all rode up a steep gravel fire rode to the top of one of the Catskills  many mountains... awesome views...  a bit of a dusty trail to ride up and down on, and we looked like coal miners after that adventure...   Lot of pics and video coming from this adventure... scope out   to eyeball it...   not sure how Dirk does it... camera in one hand, beer in the other hand and motorcycle in the other hand?

had a great time in the Blackthornes  nightclub fri and sat night  Shovelhead cranking out southern and classic rock.  we look fwd to heading back to the Catskills in  September for the Main event!!!

Coming up we are looking at doing a Shovelhead Jam in The Enfield Independence Day Parade on July 9th.., with Tommys Tattoo supplies  towing us on a flatbed trailer....  untikl then..., ride safe! see ya out on the road perhaps....  and rock on.....,
                                                                       Dave, Mark,Jim & AJ

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Spring is here !!! and we are ready for some outdoor shows!!   coming up May 1st Shamrock Café party  in Suffield.. Shovelhead will be crankin' it up on the outside stage....   sunday afternoon!!!

Then May 7th we will be up at Southampton Harley in MA. for a Saturday afternoon jam.... Then on May 14th   we will be up at Mount Snow in Dover Vermont for The Mothers for Daughters Benefit Motorcycle Run and event!!

Was out and about on the sidecar Harley, and picked up some parts for my 78 Shovelhead FX at the Stafford Motor Speedway Spring swap meet..    ran into a lot of friends up there....,  LV was there with his house of Boost, Ron Jones jamming;' acoustic guitar, Sick Boy had their full trailer set up, the trantolo girls, lots of vendors...,great people, great turn out!

 got a slew of shows coming up in June,   waterfront café in Holyoke, Crabby Joes in Southwick,  TSI Harley Davidson in Ellington, The Annual SHOCKERS show at their secret lair in  Belchertown...  then up to Bentleys in Maine for a two day, couple of shows adventure..., and to our home away from home  The Blackthorne Resort in upstate NY for the Catskill Mountain Thunder Spring Motorcycle Rally....
 check out the show schedule page for details, dates, times, etc....

I can hear beer chilling off in the distance..., the sun is starting to come back out, its warming up and all three bikes have a full tank of gas.... time to get out on the road!!!
                                                                                                              Lonesome Dave
                                                                                                                               & the Band

Sunday, January 10, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   Welcome to 2016!!!!   SHOVELHEAD will be kicking off the season at The Springfield Motorcycle show at The Big E     Jan 16th and 17th!!     we will also have a SHOVELHEAD booth set up, so come and visit!!!  The new Shovelhead shirts are in!! and we still have a sfew Shovelhead patches left.   we will be located next to Hermis Internet  Entertainment and LV's House of Boost....  links to the motorcycle show and events are on our Gig dates page.

 we are just gearing up for   the upcoming spring, summer and fall gigs ..., Catskill Mountain Thunder events, in April, June and September..., Bentleys Saloon in Maine.  and are working on festivals, Motorcycle rides, and events  to fill up the calendar for the year!

The marshalls are all tubed up and ready to rock!!  Jimmy had had his bass amp rig tuned up, so prepare for some serious thumpin'    AJ 's working on an endorsement deal for drum sticks..., which may conflict with his  stint as a hair care spokesmodel, but...., details coming soon.....,

Our good friend Pete Alva is in final production of his feature length motion picture  aptly titled  "The Biker Movie.".., SHOVELHEAD appears in the flick, and two of our original songs are featured.  scope out the Biker Movie on facebook!   it was a fairly mild winter so far, and I got to take the 78 shovelhead out for a few rides in Nov and Dec. ....    looking forward to a banner year of some good 2 wheel therapy ridin' and rockin' out with our fans...,

Come on out to the Big E..., Hermis will be filming for his TV show..., Shovelhead jammin' on the main stage.., lots of vendors, displays and bikery stuff will be happening!
                                                                                                           Lonesome Dave

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Laconia bike week coming up and SHOVELHEAD will be performing at Juniors Crush house on RT 11 in Gilford NH on Thursday June 18th....    this is a great party place during bike week and only 4 miles from Weirs Beach... 8 pm showtime....

Follow us up to Maine where we will be jamming at Bentleys saloon on RT 1 in Arundel Maine..., a mere 70 miles east of laconia... an awesome ride to boot.... I will be motoring up there on the Harley, the rest of the boys will be in the Shovelhead tour bus...   AJ,  will be floating around on his newly rebullt  scoot. (compliments of Butchers mechanical expertise!)  Bentleys is Friday June 19th   8 pm   and then Saturday June 20th   2pm   always a blast at Bentleys...

Got my 78 Shovelhead FXS    back on the road today....   been dormant for a couple of years, but slapped a new clutch in it...  tightened all the nuts and bolts and took it out for a blast....  plan on riding  it up to the Catskills  on June 26th... (leave the gas and go softail at home)   we will be  performing   Fri and Sat  June 26 and 27 at The Blackthorne Resort  for The Catskill Mountain Thunder Spring Rally....  Our home away from home!!!

We will be back at the Blackthorne in September fot the Huge Catskill Mountain Thunder Main Event   with The Georgia Sattelies and The Artemus Pyle Band...    If you havent been to CMT yet...., you dont know what your missing!!!     Got some cool gigs coming up in July too! stay tuned....

  AJ and Walt (our sound tech) are out riding  today with our friends  Rob and Shelly.... After I tweak the carb on the Shovel I'll see If I can track them down.... Connecticut is not a huge  state and shouldnt be too hard to find them.....
Do you hear that  ?????    sounds like beer chillin' off in the distance....            ride safe,,
                                                                                                                                    Lonesome Dave

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