Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shovelhead Rocker July 25th

Good morning, Shovelhead has been off the last weekend but we are ready to kick ass this weekend.
We are heading to South Meridian for the annual Renegade Pigs. Shovelhead has been doing this gig for the past seven years and we love to rock the American Hall. All the information is on the web site and if you do need any more information please feel free to call Shovelhead Management for all updates.
August 5th we go back to rock the Shamrock. This is another venue that Shovelhead loves to play then also in August back at Crabby Joe's.
Shovelhead is gearing up for The Blackthrone Catskill Mountain Thunder. Remember we will be opening for The Outlaws and Marshall Tucker. From what I'm finding out the rooms are sold out. If you still want to go call the Blackthrone and put your name on the cancel list, we hope this will work for you. Well until then ride hard and be safe.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer is in Full Swing

Summer is in full swing, and Shovelhead has been on the prowl,  jamming out at all our favorite places!

We had a blast up in Maine and in the Catskills for a northern mini  tour with the Shovelhead tour bus… Dave rode his Harley up to  Maine where we rocked out at Bentleys Saloon, in-between sets they  had the photo shoot for the Bentleys Saloon Poster girl happening…,   bonus!!! Then we hit Irontails bar for a gig rounding out our Maine weekend…,
Kenny from Massachusetts was up there amblin’ around on his bike  and happened upon us at Bentleys, then hung out with the band for  the rest of the weekend.. as the boys in the band piled in the tour bus  for the ride home, Dave and Kenny pointed the bikes towards the  back roads and snaked our way thru Maine, New Hampshire into  Mass, and then finally back into Connecticut. Awesome riding!!! The  next weekend, AJ and Dave hooked up with the Catskill Mountain  Thunder boys and some of our friends from the Shamrock Café for a  very interesting motorcycle ride to our gig in upstate NY. We had 15  bikes head out from the rock out thru some scenic northern Connecticut  backroads…Caught a little bit of rain on the outskirts of some nasty  thunderstorms, and just missed a real intense hail storm wind event  in Hudson NY…,power lines, tree limbs and branches down, some  flooding, cats and dogs living together…total anarchy!!! Luck was  on our side, the skies cleared and we had a fantastic weekend at the   Blackthorne resort…Thanks Dale and Roy for another excellent event!!!

  Mikey, the voice of Catskill Mountain thunder has been traveling and  hanging with the band since early spring!! It’s a treat having him interact with the audience inbetween sets..
Ichobod’s in Chicopee held a memorial poker run, with a few hundred  bikes and Shovelhead rocked the evening for the after party! Greatfood, great people ,awesome time!! We will be back there in September!

We got some cool venues coming up this summer into fall…, Renegade  Pigs annual pig roast, the end of July is always an awesome party!!  The Shamrock Café and Crabby Joes are always jam packed fun filled  adventures!!! We will be at the Waterfront in Holyoke in August..,  we jammed there years ago for a few of the Brightside Toy Run after  partys.. great to be going back there again!
In September we will be out in the street for the 3rd Annual Torrington  Thunder Bike night! Then we will head back to the Catskills for our  big show of the year… Catskill Mountain Thunder at the Blackthorne  Resort in East Durham NY… This year we will be up there rocking  with the likes of “The Marshall Tucker Band” “the Outlaws”  and “Artimus Pyle ” Lynyrd Skynyrds original drummer!!! If you  haven’t been to Catskill Mountain Thunder yet, you need to check this  out!!!!!!!!
Morey Sline, our sleazy booking agent and band manger has pulled the  Grinch out of his ass and is once again socially interactive enough to  intermingle with other humans… just don’t look him directly in the  eye, when he’s running the sound board…., Har,har,har!!!

he is booking machine though! He’s working on getting us some great  gigs to fill up the calendar! Go Morey!!

Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Maddog for all their help and support of  the band…, and to Walt our supercharged pit crew roadie!!

One more note goes out to the one and only Chase…,  “little dog, this ones for you!!” “Keep yer eyes on the road, yer handsupon the wheel….,”

The Shovelhead Tour bus is ready to roll, and we will be off on our  next adventure! Check out our schedule for details, and drop us a lineat


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shovelhead Rocker - July 5th

Good morning to everyone and I hope that your 4th was good. Let me get you caught up with Shovelhead.

Last month we kicked ass in Maine at Bentley's and The Irontail Saloon. Bentley's was jamb pack I do believe that it was the best weekend we ever had. Shovelhead would like to thank Bentley' and Lisa for a wonderful weekend.

Then we headed to New York to the Catskills. We rocked the weekend there also. If you have never been to the Catskills you might want to book a room and join us. Remember in Sept we will be opening for The Outlaws and Marshall Tucker Band. Also Artimus Pyle formally of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band will be playing in the bar Friday and Saturday.

OK lets get caught up on this weekend. Shovelhead heads to Southwick Ma to Crabby Joe's on Sunday July 8th. Shovelhead Management has been in contact with Joe Fury from Fox 61 and he said GREAT weekend 85 to 90 so we will be on the deck outside.

Please head up and join us if you need any information please feel free to contact Shovelhead Management.

Also July 14th is the huge poker run at Icabods, if you need information call Shovelhead Management or if you come Sunday I will have all the information.

Well until Sunday enjoy the rest of the week, and remember ride hard but be safe.

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