Thursday, February 6, 2020


Heeeeey!!!! its been a while...,   and typin' on the computer is not one of my favorite task assignments, but   Welcome to 2020!!! we are looking to update the shovelhead website of the next couple of months...      we also have a new SHOVELHEAD Band HTFD/SPFLD Group page on facebook...,  scope it out when ya get a chance....,  we just did the Springfield Motorcycel show at the Big E in West Springfield MA in January...    The band is working on recording a new original music CD over the next couple of winter months... adding new material from Mark & Dave.. including  our "Got banged up drinkin' whiskey" song which we have been performing out at events.

We are heading to the Catskills in April for Motorcycle Mayhem at the Blackthorne Resort on April 18th   with special guest Steve O on bass!   we will also be back there June 6th and for Catskill Mountain Thunder  Sept18th and 19th...,  we always have a blast up there...,

 Bike nights coming up this year... starting off at the Farm at Carter Hill  May 1st in Marlborough CT  awesome venue and some great roads to ride to get there...      A new place for us up in South Deerfield MA  the 1st dawn Yankee BBQ  on June 3rd...,    Destination Bike Night at Southampton HD on Aug 6th...,

Sonny's Place in somers CT is a great venue  that really packs 'em in... we have 2 shows there    June 14th and Aug 16th....

Laconia Bike week  we will be at Tower Hill Tavern  June 17th,and are looking to fill in a few more dates during bike week  before we ride up to Bentlys saloon in Maine for June 19 and 20

July   we are at the Tank American legion in Feeding hills MA, No more silence Motorcycle ride July 25 and working on dialing in details  for the Annual Combat Vets MC ride   ( tentative July 19th)

we got a handfull of irons in the fire for other gigs coming up this spring summer and fall..., and will post once confirmed!!!

in the meantime, if ya get cabin fevered..., Dave & AJ are doing an acoustic jam at Bond 124 in somers CT on Feb 16th    show starts  around 7ish    after the Daytona 500 race on Fox, of course!!

hope to see ya  out at the shows!! and once ridin' season gets here out on 2 wheels !!

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