Tuesday, September 24, 2013


perhaps..., weve had our friends from,Video-Grams Digital Services  out of Enfield CT coming out to our shows and taking a lot of pictures and video.. they were with us in upstate New York for Catskill Mountain Thunder and  out at Crabby Joes, Rengade pigs, our Show with Marshall Tucker band earlier this summer our Pavillion gig at the Summit view (which was a blast too) ..,  just about all our gigs actually!    Awesome photography!!! we will be adding their website link to our shovelheadlive.com website...  in the meantime..., if ya want to check out some great photography or if yer looking for a top notch proffesional  photographer, scope out Video-Grams Digital Services    www.video-grams.biz    or e-mail Rich Tanguay at vg.biz@hotmail.com
                                                                                                Cecil B. Shovelhead

We had a blast as usual up in the Catskill Mountains for Catskill Mountain Thunder!!! Kicked off the thursday night jamming in the Blackthorne Nightclub...always a blast!!
Shared the main stage out back with Lee Rocker and Jackyl Fri and Sat..., Pat Travers band was awesome rocking
the Blackthorne Nightclub to a packed audience on Sat night...   Also  this year  The Blue Lords were there  rocking out!!
great band , great people... they do a lot of huge shows including the Legends of Rock Cruise..., with the likes of Skynyrd, ZZ Top, 38 special!!
     Rode  the scoot up on thursday to a bit of rain, but it cleared up for the remainder of the weekend..  AJ had his bike  also, and  we went on the Catskill Mountain thunder breakfast ride..., Nice tour Roy!!!
Lots of good friends old and new at Catskill Mountain Thunder...!!   Mikey the voice of Catskill Mountain thunder was everywhere!! all at the same time!!  A new act this year, "Bag Lady Sue" was hilarious!!    Shared a campfire with some new friends from Long Island, Ron Finch and all the bike builders there had some awesome machines. there is so much going on at Catskill Mountain Thunder, if you havent been there yet.., you need to go!!!
    Rode back on Sunday with Rob and Shelly, took the nice scenic  route back  thru rt 23 in NY to Rt 41 cutting thru MA into salisbury Ct then down Rt 44 and cut thru  Barkhampsted and ended up at the Shamrock Cafe!!  isn't that where snake lives?

Coming up in October, we have the CT Trees of Honor Benefit ... concert with Arizona Maid Band, Johnny Six Gun and Shovelhead... scope out our shovelhead calendar for details...
Oct 6th we are out on lake congamond for Crabby Joes Annual End of Summer Pig Roast and then on Oct 13th we are jamming at the Shamrock Cafe!!!

And dont forget our resident 10 year old AJ's birthday is coming up the end of October... heard a rumor there could be an impromptu Shovelhead Jam there!!!

Been riding the bike as much as I can..., Eyeballing a scenic Ride when the leaves change!!  Scope out our calendar and also Shovelhead on facebook for  a date,time and place if ya want to cruise with us!!

                                                                                                    Rock On..,
                                                                                                       Lonesome Dave & SHOVELHEAD


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