Tuesday, September 24, 2013


perhaps..., weve had our friends from,Video-Grams Digital Services  out of Enfield CT coming out to our shows and taking a lot of pictures and video.. they were with us in upstate New York for Catskill Mountain Thunder and  out at Crabby Joes, Rengade pigs, our Show with Marshall Tucker band earlier this summer our Pavillion gig at the Summit view (which was a blast too) ..,  just about all our gigs actually!    Awesome photography!!! we will be adding their website link to our shovelheadlive.com website...  in the meantime..., if ya want to check out some great photography or if yer looking for a top notch proffesional  photographer, scope out Video-Grams Digital Services    www.video-grams.biz    or e-mail Rich Tanguay at vg.biz@hotmail.com
                                                                                                Cecil B. Shovelhead


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