Sunday, September 21, 2014

SEPTEMBER was a Blast!!!   We had a fantastic time at CATSKILL MOUNTAIN THUNDER at the Blackthorne Resort in upstate New York  on Sept 11 thru Sept 14...   We were rockin' out in the bar  to a packed house along with our friends the old news band!!!  Marshall tucker band on Friday and Foghat on Saturday! non stop music all weekend...   we even blew up our sound board  (literally smokin')  and one of our 18" JBL sub woofers..     and we couldnt even blame it on Mikey!!!   EPIC!!!

 Had a great ride up in the side car Harely up thru RT 44 in CT to rt 7 then out Rt 23 into NY  over the infamous Rip Van Winkle Bridge...       and as usual Roy and Dale put on a phenomenal ride thru the catskill mountains on the Friday Breakfast run.... Catskill Mountain Thunder is a great event... arial burnouts! spaghetti wrestling! Bike build off!! Ron Finch was there with his Amazing creations  including LV's  "Switchblade" custom...   have to see it to believe it!  

 we also play up there in April for Motorcycle Mayhem  and in June for the annual spring run...

We teamed up with our friends Mike  and Cindy from Brickenmore and Tommys tattoo supplies to do a double show at the Big E on Sept 17th   what a riot!!  shovelhead cranking out ZZ Top and Skynyrd in the back of Mikes '72 Flatbed Ford in the  5 pm parade...  we were right in the mix with marching bands, the roller derby girls and even the Budweiser Clydesdale horse drawn beer wagon!!
thanks to our sponsors Brickenmore and tommys tattoo supplies we tossed out hundreds of Brickenmore firestarter kits with a collector series shovelhead card as well as a ton of Connecticut day Shovelhead tee shirts...       at 8:30 we took the stage at the Connecticut building  and rocked the Avenue of States!

Sat Sept 20th  The boys in the band piled in the SHOVELHEAD tour bus while Dave ripped down to New London on his  Harley, for the 1st annual Buddys ride at Mikes Famous Harley Davidson...  We hit the stage and cranked out some good ol' Southern and classic rock...  Physical Graffitti  ripped out some  classic Zepplin... and Jeff Pitchell   finished off the afternoon with his amazing blues guitar work..,

We got a few gigs coming up in October       Summit view on the 10th and the final outdoor concert series at the Shamrock Cafe on the 19th....

we are already gearing up for some big shows next year...  we have had the opportunity play venues with some legendary bands...      38 special- Marshall Tucker Band- Molly Hatchet- Blackfoot- Foghat-Jackyl- Lee Rocker- Artimus Pyle - the Blue Lords- and A special show we did in Boston with "The Big Ball Stars" featuring guitarists from Alice Cooper Band,Wasp, survivor, Jani Lane (RIP) from warrant, Dizzy Reed of Guns N Roses and more!!  tons of fun I have to say!

We are eyeballin' setting up some big shows for next year, so stay tuned....    
                                                                                                                    Dave, Mark, Jim & A.J.

P.S. if ya want to contact any of the band, questions, comments, bribes and /or death threats, send us an e-mail at 


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